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, Baltimore 21201, Maryland

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Once a hobby, now an obsessive passion! She goes by the name "Peeches", known to family as Nigeria. Slipped and fell into the makeup world shorty after she began modeling back in 2000. Participating in numerous fashion shows, there were many occasions where the assigned makeup artist failed to show or there were just too many faces for the artist to complete, leaving Peeches and other models forced to apply their own makeup. After being noticed of her minimum skill (14 years ago) and just enough knowledge about applying foundation correctly, she then began to take on those models that were left behind. This is when the crush came about and eventually blossomed into a full blown love affair with makeup! Just like any relationship, you must find different ways to rekindle the excitement, as if it were the beginning. Peeches has created many ways to do just that...she continued volunteering makeup services for fashion shows she participated in, later on to family and friends. Years later, she became an intern at a cosmetic studio, learning how to produce cosmetics and also how to apply makeup, professionally, from experienced makeup artists. After months of interning, Peeches then decided she wanted nothing more than to become a Certified Makeup Artist and get paid to do what she was obsessively in love with. She did just that! No longer was an intern, Peeches then proud to say, she received her Certification in Makeup Artistry...later becoming an employee (makeup artist) of the same cosmetic studio where she started from. Throughout the years, she has worked in many salons, participated as a Makeup Artist in DC and NY Fashion Week, bridal parties, colaborated with well known photographers and had her very first showcase with RAW ARTISTS in 2013. Her most recent accomplishment is becoming a Certified Eyelash Extension Specialist. She wanted a BRAND of her own and now you have it! Painted Faces by Peeches, LLC, the latest of Peeches Larrie. She's just getting started, so stay tuned... (


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