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, Laurel 20707

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Known undoubtedly as one of the best DJs based in the DC metropolitan area, DJ Phemstar is taking over the entertainment industry by force. He is one of the many talents discovered by 2one Music and one of the Co-founders of 2one Music. Due to the fact he is in high demand, DJ Phemstar travels back and forth between the United States and Nigeria for the hottest events ever to be hosted!

 The ladies call him sexy, soulful and groovy and just cannot get enough of DJ Phemstar. Of course the men have love for him as well, because of his undeniable skills, melodic mixes and entrancing transitions on the turntables because if the ladies are happy the men are happy. During his sets, he focuses on giving the people spectacular music to rock steady to, because of his perfected craft of timing and a keen eye he is able to see the crowd, get a feel of the crowd and know exactly when, where, how, and what to play to keep everybody rocking from dusk till dawn. With his favorite quote at hand “When the needle drops, the bs stops"

DJ Phemstar is a member of the Nigerian Djs, which is an elite coalition of the hottest Nigerian DJs around the world. The main purpose of the coalition is to promote Nigerian music and to help Nigerian artists get heard worldwide. He has been building a loyal fan base of his trademark mixing style.

 DJ Phemstar always has a good feel for the any party atmosphere. This makes him the number one choice when in need of a DJ. Take a listen for yourself and groove with DJ Phemstar. “Have fun, party hard but don't forget to go home.” (


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