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Some women dream of their happily-ever-after wedding from diapers. While others worry about it when the time comes and few have a more laid back approach to a day that will be happening only once - prayerfully. Whether you have been dreaming of tiaras since you could talk, get overwhelmed by the mention of the ‘w’ word or have a laid back approach we here at nclique want you to have the best day possible. So, to ensure this we decided to sit down with MasterPlan Events to ask them: How to plan the perfect wedding.


 First thank you MasterPlan Events for sitting down with us.


Q. Before we get into the How To guide on the perfect wedding we would love to ask what makes a wedding different from other events?

A. A wedding is a unique experience of a LIFETIME! It is a special day in the lives of the couple, their family and  friends. It is not just any event but a day when two people in love with each other declare their love and commitment to one another publicly! What could be more special than that?

Q. So now for the good stuff- someone has just gotten engaged and doesn't even have a date yet, yet comes into your office and wants to start planning the wedding - what are a couple items that they can accomplish without having a date?

A. The wedding date is pretty important as it drives quite a number of things. The date determines availability; when you call any vendor, they first thing they ask is “What date is the wedding?”. But if there is no date selected yet, the person/couple can begin to plan their guestlist. This will give an idea of what types of venues to look into in terms of capacity, location etc.

Q. What are the most time sensitive items for a wedding?

A. Venue and probably some of the vendors that are really important to a bride.  For example, if you are really into photography, great photographers are often booked early so once you have a date, you want to book your photographer as early as possible.  Same with catering, videography etc.

Q. What are the advantages or disadvantages of having a theme wedding?

A. Wedding themes are nice as they can give the guests a glimpse into different things the couple like and also their personalities. For example, a couple that likes traveling might have a travel themed wedding OR a couple that likes the winter could have a winter wonderland wedding. Wedding themes are usually fun and add creative, unique details to weddings. There are no real disadvantages.  Our philosophy is that every couple should have the exact type of wedding they want so if you like themed weddings then go for it!  Our job is to make your dreams come true.

Q. When have you seen a theme wedding done really well or not so well?

A. We have seen several well done wedding themes such as Winter Wonderland, Travel, Twlight, Great Gatsby, Love Birds, Medical Doctor, Regal etc.

Q. The bride and groom have two different concepts of their perfect day how do you merge them?

A. It is not unusual to have couples that have different perspectives on their ideal day. We usually try to understand our clients first as people and then learn what each person’s priority is. This helps us as well as them understand what is really important to them; what they can live with and what they absolutely cannot live with. We usually find a middle ground that satisfies both parties.

Q. How many bridesmaids are too many bridesmaid?

A. This answer to this question is subjective. Lol! In general photographers usually prefer small bridal parties because it is easier to manage a smaller number of people for wedding day formal pictures with the couple. Big bridal parties mean more space needed for pictures, more time and more monitoring so that the photographer can get great pictures within the allotted time. However, some brides or grooms have a lot of close family/friends and have a hard time keeping the number of bridesmaids/groomsmen down and this is also awesome because you get to see so many people stand with the couple to support them as they declare their love for each other. At the end of the day, it is their day and the bridal party are the people they have chosen to stand with them as they make an important decision in their life. As the planner/coordinator, it is our job to manage the timeline to ensure that adequate time is allotted for the getting ready, pictures etc. So we make it work however number we have to work with.

Q. Moms that are a little too involved how can the couple handle that without being disrespectful?

A. It varies depending on the parent, the cultures involved, who is paying for the wedding etc. There is no straight forward answer to this; it will need to be handled on a case by case basis. Most brides and grooms know their mums (and dads) and how best to handle them. We are there to guide them in the best possible way.  It’s all about putting your cards on the table and making the wedding planning process as smooth as possible. 

Q. What are some ideas for bachelor / bachelorette parties? 

A. We’ve seen everything from something really chilled like a spa weekend to a weekend trip to Vegas.  It really depends on the personalities of the bride/groom.

Q. How do you cut down the wedding size when your parents want to invite people that have known you since you were two? 

A. We think having an honest conversation with your parents about what you can afford.  Most parents are understanding and will either reduce the number or help with increasing the budget to accommodate the additional guests.  The key is to make sure you have the conversation about it.

Q. What are some items that people might want in their wedding but are not essential?

A. We think favors are really nice to have but might be one thing that guests may not notice if they are at your wedding or not. 

Q. How do you gently remind couples about their budget?

A. We do just that, gently remind them J.  The budget is front and center of our planning process and very often, we send the couple an updated budget so it is definitely a constant item of discussion.  If a couple really wants something that pushes them over their budget, we try to find a comparable alternative that is much cheaper.  Most times this requires some DIY (do it yourself).

Q. What can couples cut down on and still have a fantastic day?

A. This really depends.  The starting point of this is to understand what’s important to the couple.  Everything outside of this is a chance to cut down.  So for example, if a couple’s priorities are food and drinks, we can cut down on stationery i.e. programs, menus, escort cards etc.

Q. Most women focus on the dress - how can you get the perfect dress without breaking the bank?

A. You can try sample sales, bridal shows (often provide discounts), try buying your dress really early so that you can space out the payments.  Also there are designers who have diversified their bridal lines to create more affordable ranges.  That’s a good place to look as well.

Q. What are some creative ideas that you have seen that you encourage couples to incorporate into their day? 

A. One creative idea we always encourage is to switch up the program.  The intangible but really important aspect of a wedding is the program.  Switching it up makes it more fun and less predictable as guests are not sure what to expect next.

Q. How long should the actual wedding be?

A. It varies from 30 mins to 2 hours depending on what type of service it is.  No matter the length, we encourage the couple to make guests as comfortable as possible e.g. having the ceremony later in the day (for outdoor weddings) when it’s cooler, having drinks, fans, umbrellas etc.  Providing sufficient and easy access to parking.

Q. What age should be the youngest person on your train be?

A. There’s really no youngest age.  We encourage you to include whoever you want on in your bridal party.  There’s always a way to get them down the aisle J. 

Q. What are some cool gifts that the bride and groom can give to their train?

A. Brides – purses, perfumes, earrings, the bridesmaid dresses.  Groom – cuff links, cologne, messenger bags 

Q. What are good party favors ideas?

A. Coasters, pictures from a photo booth, something edible like chocolates or cupcakes.

Q. Seating chart or no seating chart? What are the pros and cons? 

A. The smaller the wedding is, the better it is to have a seating chart. However for really large weddings, we encourage sections i.e. tables labelled “bride’s family” “couple’s friends” etc. as it can become really cumbersome for the bride and groom to create seating charts.

Q. Games during the wedding reception yes or no and why?  

A. We love games!  These can be a really fun way to get guests engaged and if done well, can be a memorable part of the wedding.

Q. What wedding traditions are very important and how can you make your wedding your own?

A. This is another question that varies.  The most important thing is to stay true to your beliefs and personality.  After all, the wedding day is yours.  You want to remember it fondly for the rest of your life.


These questions are by no means exhaustive but hopefully they get you started down the aisle of your dream day. To find out more about Master Plan Events, or to contact them for an upcoming event, visit them at You can also view their nclique listing. All the Best from nclique.




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