Watch out for "The Shaw Bijou", new restaurant from African contestant on Bravo's Top Chef

A new restaurant is coming to Washington, DC by African Top Chef contestant Kwame Onwuachi. Kwame was born and raised in Bronx, NY but spent part of his youth in Nigeria. Kwame’s cuisine can be traced back to Nigeria and several other countries around the world including Jamaica, South Asia, India, etc.


Inspired by his mum who operated a catering company, Kwame had always wanted to be a chef but didn’t have enough money to get his dream going. He tried looking for several means to get funding to start his career, including selling candy on a train to start a catering business; which he finally started at 20 years old. He then found the opportunity to enroll in the Culinary Institutes of America where he was trained in classical French cuisine.  After graduating, he had the opportunity to participate in the “Dinner Lab” competition, which he won.

Kwame Onwuachi later entered the TOP chef competition and quickly became one of the favorites to win the competition. He prepared several great meals and was usually seen helping and encouraging several other participants. However, he ended up not winning the competition; not without leaving a great impression.

Now at 25 years old, Kwame will be opening his restaurant “The Shaw Bijou” in DC, later this year. He will be working with his friend Gregory Vakiner who he met in Culinary School and collaborated with throughout the course of their education.

Kwame, who was named a “rock start redefining the industry” by Zagat DC for its inaugural “30 under 30” list in 2015, describes his food as “modern American with global inspiration”. The Shaw Bijou, which was also named by Zagat as “One of the most anticipated Restaurant openings in DC” will be a high-end restaurant, serving a tasting menu of 15 to 18 courses. The restaurant plans to open in November. We at will keep you informed on any new information regarding the restaurant. Also, to get more information, visit The Shaw Bijou’s website @


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