This Valentine’s Day Plan Ahead!

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, ready or not. The day sneaks up on most busy folks and leaves them scrambling for last minute restaurant reservations, frantic calls to the florist, and gift shop. If you fall in that category; why not start your Valentine’s Day planning a little early by allowing us to make a few suggestions?

Here are a few things you could do to make this Valentine’s Day memorable:

  •  Hire a private chef for your special someone.  Let’s face it, it’s already the first week of February and most restaurants will be fully booked that entire weekend, so a better idea would be to hire a private chef, and we know just the right person for that job! Meet Chef Dadisi Olutosin. Chef Dadisi is a Nigerian, French trained private chef who loves to incorporate Afro-Caribbean, Afro-Latin, and Western European elements into his eclectic cuisine. We follow him on Instagram and we have to say his dishes leave us drooling. Why not contact him on Instagram / Google+ / Twitter before he’s completely booked as well?
  • Attend the Bond with Me 007 Event in Washington, D.C. at the Hotel Monaco. 

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