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An array of mouth-watering dishes made using Blessing's Foods Jollof Rice and Seasoning Mix

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Blessing’s Foods, Inc. (est. 2002), is a creative West African food company whose primary focus is to bring popular and beloved West African dishes to the mainstream marketplace in the U.S. and the world at-large. Authentic West African meals are regularly enjoyed by people who are culturally familiar with the food, but Blessing’s Foods has made one of the most deliciously popular West African dishes, known as Jollof Rice, conveniently available to the international population!

Blessing’s Foods Jollof Rice is an experience! It’s flavorful, healthy, and a delight to enjoy at your lunch or dinner table. Most African meals (though very nutritious and savory) take an ample amount of time and dedication to prepare. But Blessing’s Foods has pioneered an easy-to-prepare meal with no hassle in preparation and yet all the rich authentic taste of the original meal, as if it were cooked from scratch!

Now who would have thought that an African meal could come in a natural dry-rice mix with a 20 minute prep time? Blessing’s Foods, of course!

Enjoying our Jollof Rice? Try our brand new product, the Jollof Rice Seasoning Mix Jar! Great for soups, pastas, marinades, and all types of simple and savory dishes. (


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